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Behind the Scenes
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  Santa's Slay

Wes "Long Lens" Doyle prepares to shoot some explosions, while the chopper with a belly-mount camera hovers overhead.

"Wrong-way" Wes is set for the skidoo chase.
Two cameras setup on a camera car, ready to shoot the chase scene. We had to truck in hundreds of loads of snow to make Wetaskiwin ready for this chase.

  Into the West

  Camera Tree ready for a herd of 2000 buffalo to come stampeding past. Not all high angles are from a chopper. This is called a ladder-pod.
Wes settling into the chopper, ready to get shots for the opening title sequence and inserts of a medicine wheel. The Tyler middle mount has a big counterweighted arm with gyros to stabilize the camera

  Twelve days of Christmas Eve

  Into the West

Wes was DP on this 2nd unit shoot which involved a 16mm camera on the helmet of this skydiver. Damon Moreau was up on the crane to film this burning house while Wes was filming safely on the ground.

  more Into the West

Derek Fyfe was first assistant cameraman on this sequence where they find gold in the river. A tricky dolly shot to set up.
Bouncing a 12,000 watt HMI in a 6x6 grifflon to make moonlight fill the farmyard The resulting moonlight was beautiful

    The Brick

Brett Manyluk running with his Steadicam Brett and Amanda setting up Wes's film camera on his EZFX Jib

    Christmas Blessing

Setting the dolly track for a long walk and talk Wes and his assistant Donovan Fraser
Neil Patrick Harris as Wes Doyle  Wes Doyle as Neil Patrick Harris
Making it snow in July. Huge cotton baton sheets on the lawn were then over sprayed with fake snow.

    For The Love of a Child

Making a 1950's Japanese typhoon in Edmonton involved lots of water towers and wind machines.

    Looking Glass

Wes works with director Harley Hay to set a shot  No it isn't a communicator, it's a light meter.

    Moondance Alexander

Wes proving you can put a Panaflex on a Jimmy Jib, if you are careful and experienced.

    Hank Williams First Nation

(for the show opening)

Editor Bridget Durnford with director Aaron Sorensen Teniel Whiskeyjack
The show's cast Sheldon Elter, Gordon Tootoosis and
Teniel Whiskeyjack

    The Brick

The wonders of green screen for The Brick Awards Show.  Captain Jack ( marvelously portrayed  by Mark Meer ) in studio and out to sea.


Wes filming on stage with Nickelback for their concert DVD - Nickelback at Home